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My All-American Baseball Dogs

We are the purest definition of a baseball family. My husband Barry is in his 8th season of professional baseball, which means we’ve traveled all over the country for his career. While we enjoy the experience, one of the struggles with this lifestyle is the uncertainty of where we’re going to live and which team we’ll be on. Each year we get to make new memories, meet new people and visit all sorts of new places in America. By we, I mean myself, Barry and our dogs, Cocoa & Maddie.

Because of this unique lifestyle, Cocoa & Maddie have already lived in 4 different states and 7 different cities. They’ve lived in houses, apartments, hotels, cabins and of course, have been frequent visitors of dog boarding facilities. They’ve driven (well, with us) across the country and have seen more parts of America than most people will ever see in their lifetime.

With each new city comes the scavenger hunt of finding all the pet-friendly places and the closest dog parks. The Bring Fido app has been a lifesaver! One of my favorite parts during the season is when the stadiums have Bark in the Park. These are the nights I get to bring my “kids” to the game with me. A stadium filled with people AND dogs is pretty much the coolest thing ever and watching the girls watch their dad on the mound is absolutely melt-worthy.

Cocoa + Maddie at watching dad's game

Cocoa + Maddie watching dad’s game

A career in professional baseball brings lots of pressure and lots of ups and downs. When Barry goes on the road and I’m left alone in an unfamiliar city with unfamiliar people, it is so comforting to have the company of my dogs. In the same way, when Barry comes home from a long road-tip, the squealing and panting he’s greeted with at the door, is true unconditional love.

Barry with his girls

Barry with his girls


Barry & Maddie

My Cocoa

My Cocoa


I can’t wait to see where else this life takes us and what new American adventures are created for these all-American pups! Happy 4th everyone!

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